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The humdrum of Ivy Log, Georgia, explodes with passion and heartache when mountain-man Wiley Hanson leaves his idyllic life high in the Appalachians and falls in love with  seductive redhead Paula Jennings . . . AND the irresistible Pyune Murphy.


The Boardinghouse, the second novel in author Sue Chamblin Frederick’s “Ivy Log” Series, returns to the little mountain town in the dead of winter and unleashes a flurry of turmoil when Wiley has to choose between lust and love.


The characters you loved in Grandma Takes A Lover send you on a wild ride down the snow-covered mountains to the New York headquarters of Bakers’ World Magazine and on to the campus of  Harvard University before ultimately returning to the hot fires of The Boardinghouse kitchen, as one way or another peace returns to Ivy Log . . . or does it?

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