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Sue and Chicago couple 2019 AIBF

The Amelia Island Book Festival is such a JOY!  Meeting new friends like Michelle and Vince make my day.   They were from Chicago and enjoying some warm weather at Amelia Island.  I tried my best to teach Vince how to say "I'd like a piece of pie" with a Southern accent!  He got pretty close-  I asked Michelle and Vince to come back next year so we could work on their Southern accents!  They were a delight!!

Sue and Steve Berry 2019.jpg

Steve Berry was one of 2019 Amelia Island Book Festival's internationally known authors!  What a guy!  I read The Bishops Pawn and couldn't put it down.  Every author likes to hear that!!

Sue and Jacques Pepin 2019.jpg

If you don't have a copy of Jacques Pepin's "A Grandfather's Lesson" you're missing out!  It is a recipe of love!  Here he is autographing books at the 2019 Amelia Island Book Festival!  He is a darling!!  I gave him some cooking tips on how to cook collards and hushpuppies!  We Southerners are good at sharing recipies!  So fun!  

At the Amelia Island Book Festival, I met these gals from St. Augustine!  I ended up naming them the WILD BUNCH!  That's Carlyn Moyer, me, Barbara George, Elaine Brown and Mary Clark.  They were a hoot!  I'll speak at their book club later this year.  

Meeting new friends at a book festival is a joy!!

Sue and St. Augustine girls AIBF
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