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Pinetta signing 3-2-19 Mary Nell,Lisa Wa

Book signings are such a delight!  Here are sisters Lisa and Mary Nell Washington, along with Mary Nell's daughter, Joy!   A delightful family who has been very instrumental in helping me write an authentic accounting of the beautiful Madison County!

Jacques Pepin, French chef, author of La Technique and star of the PBS series Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, was a delight at the 2018 Amelia Island Book Festival.

My home town bookstore is The Book Loft!  I'm so proud to sell my books at this wonderful bookstore on Centre Street.  On July 19 I'll be a guest speaker at an author seminar on book marketing.

A Good Year for Roses  Under 2MB.jpg
Sue Kathy and Drake 2.jpg
BJ and Kathy on swing March 2019.jpg

What an exciting day in Lake City, Florida ,where I met a young reader, Drake Burns, a 4th grader at Pinemount Elementary School.  We're scheduling a Show and Tell in his classroom in the near future.

My long lost second cousins, sisters BJ and Kathy, have been found in Lake City, Florida!!!  The daughters of Wilbur and Betty McLeod surprised me at a book signing in Madison, Florida.  What a joy to meet them!

New Release January 2019

     A GOOD YEAR            FOR ROSES

There are just some people who are born to have a book written about them. Rugged, handsome and renowned barbecue aficionado Sam Washington of Pinetta, Florida is one of those people!  


Oh, what a night at Bill Washington's house.  A sneak preview of The Front Porch Sisters prior to the big launch on Friday Night!   Bill's house was full of Washingtons's when there was a huge fight over who would play the role of the hero in an impromptu one-act play.  

A wonderful night at the Main Street Playhouse with Cindy and Byron Ellington.  

Flat Rock, NC at the Peppas house has to be the wildest place ever!!  Thank you, Elizabeth, for hosting a wonderful book signing!!

Here are two of the sweetest gals ever!    Mary Nell and Joy Goff, two Pinetta natives who were generous with their time when researching the Front Porch Sisters.

Frances Stewart Copeland - thank you for attending my book signing!

Met Kathy at the 2018 Amelia Island Book Festival.   A darling gal who was a first-time visitor at the book festival.  

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