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B O O K S   B Y  T H E  A U T H O R

And the story continues!  Pyune wins the Baking World Magazine's $25,000 grand prize!!  But, she has to travel to the most sinful city in the world -- NEW YORK CITY -- the receive her prize.  In "EverSweet" we discover that Pyune is at the center of a deep mystery that only she can solve.

Before the Madison County trilogy and it

Reviews Are In:   "Grandma" is solid gold!!

The author tucks away her titillating spy novels for an entry into the world of hot romance as she introduces Adela Queen Harper, a Rita Hayworth look-alike who lives an idyllic life in Ivy Log, Georgia, a small town where gossip seems to be the favorite pastime of its citizens. Adela's life is turned upside down when a scoundrel by the name of Frank Carberry, a retired U.S. army general, piles crisis upon dilemma within her life. After a forty-year absence, Frank returns to the Carberry mansion, which sits just across a picket fence from the beautiful widow's small lake cottage. Adela discovers she is more woman than she thought when she battles with a man who has not yet learned how to treat one.

IN THE DARKEST days of World War II, a man who plays Beethoven so magnificently the angels weep, begins a reluctant journey into spyhood.  Garcia Quinones, virtuoso pianist famous throughout Europe, is forced into the dark world of espionage by Britain’s MI6, where he must learn to lie, deceive and murder.

“I am a pianist, not a spy,” he cries.  Under duress, Garcia is groomed for the lead role in a daring plot to dupe the Germans.  His teacher, one of Britain's most revered spymasters, must ensure Garcia fools the Germans as brilliantly as he plays the piano.


Will the pianist's delicate fingers learn to curl around a 9mm pistol and squeeze the trigger before he’s thrust into the arms of Nazi Germany’s deadly Gestapo?

The  Unwilling  Spy is the timeless story of exceptional men who strive to battle tyranny and evil in times of war.  When the soul of an artist is forced to confront the demons of political oppression, the results are unforgettable.


IN Nazi-occupied Paris, wealthy war widow, Madame Eleonore Delaflote, desperate to aid the war effort, implores an Allied spy to teach her the art of spying.   "Madame, you amuse me.  You?  A spy?"  Together, they become one of the most remarkable spy teams in history.

Word Jewels Publishing is exclusive publisher for author, Sue CHAMBLIN Frederick.

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