THE AUTHOR was born in north Florida in the little town of Live Oak, where the nearby Suwannee River flows the color of warm caramel, in a three-room, tin-roofed house named "poor." Her Irish mother's and English father's voices can be heard even today as they sweep across the hot tobacco fields of Suwannee County, "Susie, child, you must stop telling all those wild stories."


Sue spends her time with her Yankee husband in the piney woods of north Florida where she is compelled to write about far away places and people whose hearts require a voice.   Her two daughters live their lives hiding from their mother, whose rampant imagination keeps their lives in constant turmoil with stories of apple-rotten characters and plots that cause the devil to smile.

In the summer of 1956, the same year the novel Peyton Place unleashed to the world the notion that every woman is a sexual being, two spinster sisters decide it was just a matter of time before they ended up in the Mt. Horeb Cemetery, rememberd only as the Donnelly sisters of Pinetta, Florida, who never married.  Esssie, at thirty-three years olds and the caretaker of her older sister Jewell, refuses to wither away in lonliness while she sits slap-dab in the middle of their 300-acre farm.  At daylight one morning, she pulls out an old detour sign from the barn and drags it to the end of the farm lane onto the Bellville road.  And waits.  In no time, unsuspecting travelers are lured to the Donnelly's front porch and the irresistible charm of the spinster sisters.  Their front porch overflows with laughter, gossip and tears, along with the answers to some long-held mysteries.  

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